Convention Plus, Inc.


Annual Academic Conventions
Operation of Academic Meetings

We operate annual academic conventions including medical, seminars and academic meetings. Our service is available nationwide, covering end-to-end support from site selection, and preparation, on the day, to post-event assistance as well as partial selective support.



Producers with more than 10 years of experience in convention operation are here to assist you. Tell us your requirements and we will develop a plan suited to your needs.

  • Schedule
  • Site selection
  • Expected number of attendees
  • Number of meeting rooms
  • Meeting's concept
  • Scope of work

Plan and Quote

Our proposal aims to create a forum that speakers and attendees can have valuable time based on the organizer's concept and budget.

  • List of actions until the day and its schedule
  • Your team organization
  • Budget and Quote
  • Plan and Proposal


What action is to be taken and when? We drive our actions based on the schedule, therefore it is easier for the organizer to make necessary decisions swiftly based on use cases.

  • Prints and Production
  • Develop and distribute prospectus
    (for joint seminars, exhibitions, advertisement, donation, etc.)
    Inquiry from corporate customers.
  • Website creation
  • Request to presenters (including overseas speakers)
  • Inquiry for presentation setting and registration
  • Editing, printing and shipping of proceedings
  • Plan for the day
    (negotiation with the site, food arrangement, installation and decoration, audio visual staffs, etc.)

Day of Convention

We take all possible measures. We create a considerate atmosphere where the organizer and participants feel comfortable and satisfied.

  • Welcome and registration
  • Proceeding management
  • Video, lighting and
    audio management
  • Staff management
  • Food service management
  • Support for sponsor and
    exhibiting companies